Recreational Vehicle Insulation

RV appplication use two types of insulation
#4 RTDSF1 Double Sided Reflective Insulation
#6SSFSM02 ¼” or ½” Single Sided Fire Seal Reflective Insulation

#4 RTDSF1 Double Sided Reflective Insulation

Used where there is no air space; where only thermal heat is a factor. Available with adhesive on both sides. used anywhere an air space is not available, and where noise is not a factor. This material creates its own air space. Examples: automobile and truck headliners, folding garage doors under roofing shingles, under roof deck and wall panel applications.

#6SSFSM02 ¼” or ½” Single Sided Fire Seal Reflective Insulation.

Used for reflecting high heat loads on one side. This is a fire proof foam. It can have adhesive on one side. Firewalls – any areas where heat is greater than 200ºF. Only reflects on one side. Available in ¼” or ½” Used where heat are greater than 200°F. Automobile and truck Cab Firewall.

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